BitTorrent is helping me design websites faster with my team

BitTorrent?! Don’t judge. There is so much more to BitTorrent than pirating music and movies. My fellow designers and developers at clevermethod are not stealing anything, The only things my fellow designers and developers are stealing are profits from Dropbox, BOX, Creative Cloud, you name it.

BitTorrent Sync (although they recently updated the logo on the site to ‘Resilio’) is the name of the free lightweight app we have been trying out to quickly share large files back and forth while keeping them in sync.

“Powered by BitTorrent’s leading peer-to-peer technology.”

“Free, unlimited, and secure file synchronization and sharing.”

Since there is no cloud storage involved hard drive space can be eaten up but physical storage is cheaper than a monthly/yearly subscription to someone else’s storage.

Working collaboratively on large brand websites means more designers, more developers, more assets, larger assets and faster turnaround times.

Why not simplify the process with basic P2P networking? There are not a lot of good reasons why we need a server in between to slow things down.