Shot on Phone AD campaign

These Ads for Lens & Shutter poke fun at the more realistic results you get while taking photos with a phone. The concept may have been stronger if some of the shots were indoors. Typically these “Shot with iPhone” Ads show well composed mid day photos with lots of light. The quality of these shots can fall apart once you move indoors. Either way these ads make me smile because it’s probably what the majority of people camera rolls look like.


Spiffy theme update to

When it comes to WordPress themes for photography I’ve been restless trying to find something that presents my photos and and their titles effectively. Luckily I spotted Magnus.

The elegant use of CSS animation and the edge to edge layout are nice. The main image on the home page will update as I add new photos which should keep the page fresh upon revisiting. The large type on top of the image invites a click, hopefully. One major problem, the photos are cropped depending on the orientation so I adjusted the CSS to reduce how much is cropped without making portrait sizes too large. More browser testing needed, don’t let me down Hugo Baeta!