Beautiful websites that don’t rely on thoughtful photography

Before you force bad stock photos into your website consider not using any photos.

Also, before you become married to a $12 a month Squarespace theme realize that they are primarily designed around having exceptional photography.

Content is king. Consider showing your audience a photo if they need to see it.

Here is some inspiration:

Why use Adobe Illustrator for “user centered web systems”

AREA 17 makes it pretty clear why. This article is packed with tips and screenshots that will make sure you are pixel perfect. Fireworks was as good maybe even better until it became unsupported. That’s right I said it, Fireworks.

The Pixel School is a design methodology created by Arnaud Mercier (May 10, 1972 – September 26, 2011) and formalized by AREA 17. It is a defined way of working that has great impact on the final product. It consists of a set of design principles and the techniques to achieve them.

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Redesigning a major recipe site with art director June Kim of

Another great episode from The Big Web Show.


Art director June Kim and host Jeffrey Zeldman discuss the newly launched, search-focused redesign of Approaching design through the lens of utility. Looking outside your own product category when researching for a redesign. Quick view and other functions. What Netflix has to do with a recipe site. The founding of Epicurious as a website in 1995. How Instagram, Pinterest, and mobile devices have changed the way people interact with web content. The view from the 33rd floor of One World Trade Center. Finding inspiration in unexpected places. is like the of kids show websites

Somehow all of the patterns, illustrations and images are held together nicely in this design. The custom typography is a nice touch. That combined with careful use of color and animation make usable and entertaining. Even the boring parts of the site look good which is important to recognize because large network’s web presence can easily become visually frankenstein’d as you move from page to page.

Take notes Disney and Nickelodeon.