sproutonline.com is like the apple.com of kids show websites

Somehow all of the patterns, illustrations and images are held together nicely in this design. The custom typography is a nice touch. That combined with careful use of color and animation make sproutonline.com usable and entertaining. Even the boring parts of the site look good which is important to recognize because large network’s web presence can easily become visually frankenstein’d as you move from page to page.

Take notes Disney and Nickelodeon.



New personal website – publish or perish!

I have left tumblr and relaunched my blog using wordpress. After spending a year in wordpress for my photography site, pasthue.com, I am convinced this is the place to be for the modern web professional. Here in wp-admin-land I look forward to having more control and support thanks to the active wp community. I also plan on publishing more of my professional and personal projects here moving forward. Publish or perish! Quantity will be over quality here since this will be by hub for posting things online. Let me know if you have feedback. Enjoy.