“the stone has been unstuck”

Matt Mullenweg, on the release of a new homepage for WordPress.org, which hasn’t seen a redesign in a long time:

What’s on the page today actually isn’t that important, even though it’s better in many ways, the key is that it’s changing again, the stone has been unstuck and can now keep rolling.

I like that sentiment. With a redesign, sometimes it’s not so much about the new pixels themselves, but the fact that a workflow is now in place for the work to continue.

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Spiffy theme update to Pasthue.com

When it comes to WordPress themes for photography I’ve been restless trying to find something that presents my photos and and their titles effectively. Luckily I spotted Magnus.

The elegant use of CSS animation and the edge to edge layout are nice. The main image on the home page will update as I add new photos which should keep the page fresh upon revisiting. The large type on top of the image invites a click, hopefully. One major problem, the photos are cropped depending on the orientation so I adjusted the CSS to reduce how much is cropped without making portrait sizes too large. More browser testing needed, don’t let me down Hugo Baeta!